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These are exciting times for marketing professionals. Our modern society produces data at a rapid rate and there are virtually endless opportunities to collect information on existing and potential clients in digital channels and social media. By following consumers’ digital footprints, marketing professionals can gain deeper insight on customers and their needs and preferences when planning a campaign. You can also continuously adapt your message during the campaign by measuring customer experience (CX) and listening to recipient responses. 

Data analysis has become a natural part of marketing and more of today’s consumers expect highly relevant messages and for companies to understand their needs and when and how to meet them. At Bisnode, we work every day to refine, interpret and analyze data to help our customers maximize the effectiveness of their marketing. Here, we share news, analyses and trendspotting in data-driven marketing.

Watch thought leader Joseph Jaffe talking about the future of data-driven marketing

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Customer Lifecycle Management

  • Identify new prospects with deeper insights through profiling, segmentation and exploration
  • Optimize your communication through access to up-to-date information, real-time triggers and alerts
  • Maintain and develop your customers with a clear overview of your customer portfolio
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