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At Bisnode, we breathe ROI, we eat ROI, we think ROI. We believe that, for every euro you invest in us, you should get more than one at the end. This is the reason why we took the habit to commit ourselves to a certain level of results. Based on your budget, we’ll use different strategies to reach the agreed results: number of clicks, cost per lead, etc.  This is our way to show our confidence in the strength of our data and our expertise in the campaign management area.

“Getting traffic to your website is great, but if that traffic doesn’t convert, it’s almost useless.“

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Benefit from our extended experience to enhance your digital journey

  • Take advantage of our knowledge based on 700 campaigns per year
  • Let us guide you and sketch the ideal campaign mix based on your objectives
  • No matter the channel, we’ll assist you throughout the entire campaign flow
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Spend less, target better

  • Discover the advantages of a good segmentation which makes you spare time and efforts by reaching directly the right people
  • Find these best prospects with the help of Bisnode’s lifestyle and behavior data, or based on the profile of your own customer database.
  • Communicate directly to final consumers in an effective, secured and cost-efficient way.
  • Get a clear reporting which gives you actionable insights for the next campaign to come
Customer case

A prestigious FMCG brand increased their conversion with a simple solution

When this famous brand decided to open a shop, they wanted to attract in priority people living in the area. In order to convert a maximum of these prospects, Bisnode decided to contact them twice: one time per direct mail, one time via Facebook. The results were amazing.

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Permesso Turbo

Permesso is an affiliation platform that enables advertisers to communicate directly to 500.000 people in Belgium. Permesso has acquired the trust of more than 500 000 consumers who explicitly manifested their will to receive information and commercial offers. As a central partner in the communication between consumers and businesses, Permesso takes into account preferences, interests and profiles of targeted people.

Once email has been sent, our omnichannel experts analyses the results of the campaign in order to identify the members who reacted the best to the message. We take this information into account to find similar profiles on Facebook. The social network acts here as an echo chamber of the email to amplify the message, without loss of quality in targeting. The performances of the campaign remain therefore optimized, which is rarely the case in social campaigns.

The speed and easiness of the solution, coupled to a full campaign management offer and a high quality service, enables clients to quickly generate high ROI from every types of marketing campaign.

My Lead

Permesso is an online platform that acquired the trust of more than 500 000 consumers who explicitly manifested their will to receive information and commercial offers. As a central partner in the communication between consumers and businesses, Permesso allows you to contact the profiles that you are looking for in order to ask them all the questions that are important to you. Besides, this solution is also an excellent opportunity to collect opt-ins, and start a database of prospects really receptive to your asked questions.


Offering digital coupons for products have a lot of benefits:

  • Belgian consumers are the champions of e-couponing: they use on average 6.6 coupons per year. This type of promotion is therefore very demanded.
  • You sell products quickly, sell more products on top of the discounted ones, and increase traffic on your website or in a physical store.
  • In addition, you can enhance your company’s brand and promote customer loyalty.
  • You can also retrieve a lot of information about people who redempt your e-coupon, which therefore enables you to personalize your offer.
  • It’s a good approach to collect opt-ins
  • Finally, online coupons minimize advertising and distribution costs while maximizing your marketing flexibility


Your advantage with Bisnode:

  • One-stop shop solution: our platform is GS1 certified, which means that our e-coupons are accepted in all supermarket chains of Belgium
  • Easy to integrate to every kind of channels: Facebook, email, website, etc.
  • Unique segmentation capabilities
  • Long stand experience in digital campaigns

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