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qualitative reach

Business success through relevance

You have a great product to sell and there is a huge market potential for it out there. But how can you maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns? Simply by targeting the right people. At Bisnode Belgium, we provide you with the biggest consumer database of the country, with a broad choice of selection criteria. Tell us who you want to reach, or let us determine it by analyzing the profile of your best clients. We’ll cherry-pick the most valuable audience for your communications: better than exposing your brand to random prospects, you will show it to real hot leads! When your audience is defined, let us find it in our integrated omni-channel environment where you can reach them: direct mail, telemarketing, email, social media, online display, targeted tv or radio ads… Everything is possible with our solution!

“The right customer, on the right channel, at the right moment: the dream of every marketer finally made possible“

right audience

Identify your right audience

Harness the power of Bisnode's referential databases to find the audience that matters

  • Select the right socio-demographic profiles
  • Filter on the right lifestyles, shopping behaviors, declared interests & intentions
  • Ask our data experts to find the criteria that make the difference  
right channel

Identify your right channels

Assess the potential of your audience in an omni-channel marketing world

  • Execute your direct mail, telemarketing or social campaign based on our delivered data.
  • Rely on us to execute a top-notch email or social campaign  
  • Team up with our best partners to reach your audience on Digital TV, digital Radio and online display.  
Customer case

Bisnode boosted the local awareness of an Automotive company

Bisnode has been contacted by a major automotive company asking our help to boost the notoriety of some of their resellers. Discover how we were able to dramatically increase awareness in very specific areas by only selecting audience that matters.

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Key take out

times more efficient than a regular Facebook campaign times more efficient than a regular Facebook campaign


times more efficient than a regular Facebook campaign

% of email openers are more likely to purchase your product if also reached by Facebook % of email openers are more likely to purchase your product if also reached by Facebook


% of email openers are more likely to purchase your product if also reached by Facebook

Based on our consumer database and a broad range of selection criteria, the Bisnode B2C referential has everything you need to identify the audience that match 100% with your product.


Do you know precisely what kind of audience you need?

Just tell us the required criteria, they almost certainly exist in our database: large families, people driving a certain type of car, households or individuals with high spending power, people donating to charities, or intending to renovate their house in the next 6 months: you name it!


Not sure who to target?

Brainstorm with our Account Managers. With your knowledge of your brand and their knowledge of the market, they will in no time point to the right criteria to take into account.


Advertising a complex product? Or looking for the best look-alikes?

Contact our Business Intelligence Data experts. By analyzing your current best customers, a scoring model can be based on a broad range of and predict who has the highest probability to become your next best customer!

When your audience is defined, Bisnode campaign experts will try and find them on each channel of our omni-channel ecosystem:

  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Email Campaigns via our Permesso email community
  • Social Campaign: Facebook Custom Audience,
  • Online display, targeted TV & targeted radio: via our partner’s channels

 With all these potentials in hand, we’ll decide together which combination of channels is the most relevant for your communication.

At a time when most marketing communications are digital, a direct mail communication can surprise and have a great impact.

Do you want to advertise, for example, in:

  • Real Estate?
  • Automotive?
  • Fundraising?
  • Luxury goods?

Direct Mail can be the way to success!

On this channel, Bisnode delivers you a listing of all the addresses of your audience, and the rest is up to you! That way, you remain the master of your creative, printing and routing solutions.

Sometimes the best way to convince a prospect is to talk to him, answer his questions and understand his expectations. What better way to do it than a real-time conversation on the phone?

Does ring a bell? For over 10 years now, our community accomodates more than 500.000 reactive individuals, eager to receive personalized offers every weeks, as long as they match their interests.

 To reach them, you simply provide

  • The creative material of the email
  • The text & subjectlines
  • The date and time you wish the email to be launched

Our Email Marketing Experts will do the rest ! 

Of course Facebook knows a lot about his members, but what if you could be even more specific by using the exclusive data located in Bisnode's referential databases?

Imagine how your campaigns could gain in relevance if you could target segments like:

  • People who moved recently
  • High Purchase indicator
  • Active Sportsmen
  • Families with kids

Need an idea of the value of these Bisnode Audiences?

Facebook can give you the 350.000 Belgians who like Ferrari, we can give you the 10.000 who can buy one!

Our Digital Marketing consultants are here to help you to optimize your social campaign: targeting, content, pricing optimization, monitoring and follow-up.

What if you’ve got no clue who your customer is? Maybe you just launch your product or service and you don’t have any clients yet, and so no way to identify the right criteria.

In that case, bannering can help. By displaying your ad for a full week on our Permesso website, where each visitor is identified, a broad range of insights about who clicked on the ad can be collectred.

Add more relevance to your next campaigns!

What if you could show your TV ad only to a predefined audience? Well, thanks to Bisnode and our partners, it is now possible!

Need to reach a local audience? Don’t underestimate the power of  geotargeted  radio and advertise only to people close to your shops.

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