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Make confident business decisions thanks to the creation of one single truth in your customer data


Optimize your business processes by connecting all available multichannel data


Develop your business by switching from a reactive to a pro-active data quality approach

The importance of efficient data management in a big data world

The importance of efficient data management in a big data world

In our digital era the amount of customer data is increasing exponentially. More than ever marketers and data warehouse managers are struggling with data management and data quality issues in several business processes. The optimization of data management and data quality is becoming a key task. The reason is obvious. It is all about efficiency and saving money. A lack of efficient data management flows and data quality causes a lot of problems in just about all the business processes: operational, financial, marketing, business analysis,…. It is like sand in the gears of your business. 

How to solve wrong data entry? How to match customer data created at different times and on different systems?  How to identify duplicates on an individual or household level? How to identify companies? How to avoid a mix up between prospects and existing clients? How to make sure that the data you are analyzing is correct?

Bisnode as your trusted partner

Bisnode created a unique data management methodology based on the comparison of external customer databases with its reference files both BtB and BtC. By applying a very powerful matching algorithm, your data can be completed with unique identifiers that are stable over time. Moreover, Bisnode points out the differences between your data and those referentials. This makes it possible to create intelligence within your data: optimize your data quality and move from a reactive to a pro-active data management.

    Data identification

    Unique matching with Bisnode referentials and creation of one single view covering all your data at different levels: company, individual, household, address,...

    Data qualification

    Validation, correction and structural updating of your existing contact data such as address, birth date, name, ...

    Data enhancement

    Add relevant data: contact points such as e-mail or other variables to complete your customer file

Make confident business decisions thanks to a 360° view on your customer data

Make confident business decisions thanks to a 360° view on your customer data

  • You obtain a correct view on duplicates on several levels:

How many individual clients do I have? How many households? What is the overlap between consumer and business segments?

  • We create one single multichannel truth:

Thanks to the Bisnode identification, linking your own and/or other (external) operational & marketing data becomes easier. You will be able to create an Omnichannel single view on a customer, company, household or address, independent from the data source or channel, data format, type of information or recency of the data in your databases.

Customer recognition, anytime and anyplace

Customer recognition, anytime and anyplace

  • Optimize the identification and qualification customers and prospects:
    • Verify the existence of a person or company by comparing his data with Bisnode’s reference databases
    • Qualify the person by matching with your existing data to find out if it is an existing customer, ex-customer, lead, … and avoid the creation of duplicates.
  • Thanks to Bisnode’s identification web services, you can identify customers in real time through whatever channel or application. This not only helps you react quickly on customer interactions, it also optimizes your data entry processes.
Speed up your processes thanks to easier updating of multichannel contact data

Speed up your processes thanks to easier updating of multichannel contact data

  • The current address of postal returns (after sending out invoices or commercial mailings), can easily be delivered using the Bisnode identifier. Also, you can easily validate data such as telephone number or ask for recent contact data at whatever moment.
  • Even better, move towards a pro-active solution and receive a signal of all moved identifiers on a weekly basis: “Change Track”.
Bisnode as a unique data quality partner:

Bisnode as a unique data quality partner:

  • Unique identification methods using multichannel reference data: address, e-mail, phone,..
  • After identification within several sources, Bisnode can optimize the data quality of your contact points to create a “single customer view”, either based on best practices or using your own business rules.
  • Fast and flexible to use in several processes: The Bisnode solution is flexible, can be applied to several processes and is independent of software licenses and updates. Also, it can be used via several technical channels: batch, real-time/web based, automated via SFTP.
  • Suitable for BtB and BtC
    This system of unique identifiers within reference databases exists both for business and consumer records.
  • ROI driven
    The ROI of data quality efforts can be measured and therefore be proven. An investment in the correct data quality solutions will pay off!
Customer case

Proven ROI for a famous company active in the travel business thanks to Bisnode’s Single Customer View

Some major data management issues prevented a well-known travel agency from setting up a real one-to-one communication and improve customer loyalty. Thanks to Bisnode’s structural solution, they have been able to quadruple the effectiveness of their communication and reduce costs by nearly 40 € per sent mailing.

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The identification process 

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The Bisnode Solution is based on the comparison of your customer data with Bisnode’s reference databases both BTC and BTB using a state of the art matching algorithm.

Over the years, Bisnode created a range of reference databases containing data about companies, customers and geographical elements:

  • Consu-Matrix: database containing Belgian consumer contact data, socio-demographics and lifestyle data (including movers flows)
  • Spectron database: database containing a wide range of business addresses and contacts 
  • Road 65: street referential including multiple variants and historical names

The use of reference databases is necessary to make the right decisions based on the most up-to-date status of your contact data.

Unique identifiers:

As a result of the comparison between your data and the reference databases every element will be enhanced with a set of unique identifiers. This on several levels:

  • Individual
  • Household
  • Company

These identifiers can be integrated in your own systems and used as data transmitters for any further data exchange. They can be used to create a Single Customer View and thus to improve your internal processes and customer data management.

Connecting the Dots

Companies collect lots of information on customers and prospects across different channels.

This information is often stored in various databases that are more or less detailed. The available data you collect through the sale of products or services often contain much more details than the data on the people who signed up for your newsletter.

Because these data are often not linked to each other, you lose a lot of valuable information and insights about your customers and prospects.

By comparing your information with a multichannel reference database, Bisnode is able to identify contacts even without a postal address.

This enables you to:

- Know who you’re dealing with at every customer interaction and personalize your dialogue

- Detect cross-and upsell opportunities thanks to a 360-degree view on your customers and prospects

- Get more value from your data by linking all contact information related to the same individual

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