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Optimize your marketing and sales efforts by using high quality data


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Accurate data : a critical success factor for your business

Accurate data : a critical success factor for your business

How well does your database perform in terms of data quality? It might be a difficult question, but many companies struggle with the same challenges. We know that depending on the industry, 30 to 40 percent of the customer data of Belgian companies are incorrect or incomplete. Moreover, moving consumers and companies can cause up to 20% changes per year.

Accurate data is one of the most important success factors for marketing and sales. Misguiding basic information can not only lead to wrong decisions being made, but also result in marketing investments and sales activities not reaching their full potential. This makes poor data quality a very costly concern.

By conducting a thorough analysis of your data quality, completing, correcting and constantly updating your information, Bisnode ensures that your data is accurate and useful at all times to help you improve your business.

Optimize your marketing and sales efforts by using quality data

Optimize your marketing and sales efforts by using quality data

Maximum impact and minimum costs thanks to a complete, up-to-date & deduplicated database

  • Obtain maximum results of your marketing & sales campaigns by using the right contact information
  • Avoid budget waste and reduce marketing costs by identifying movers and duplicates 
Use up-to-date information to avoid mishaps

Use up-to-date information to avoid mishaps

Keep track of changes within your customer base

  • Show that you care about the customer relationship by always addressing him or her correctly
  • Make sure your invoices get paid by using the latest information on your customer
Ensure long-term accurate information in all your business systems

Ensure long-term accurate information in all your business systems

Permanent access to quality-assured and up-to-date information

  • Keep track of changes at your customers thanks to automated signals and triggers
  • Optimize your data entry processes by integrating Bisnode web services and tools into your customer applications, allowing you a 24/7 access to the most recent information
Bisnode as a unique data quality partner:

Bisnode as a unique data quality partner:

  • The biggest movers database in Belgium updated on a weekly basis
  • Identification possible based on different contact points: address, e-mail, phone, …
  • Consumers and professional entities
  • Customized solutions according to your needs: from ad hoc cleaning to a structural data quality solution up to full data management and consultancy
Customer case

Automotive company speeds up the payment of customer invoices

With incomplete sources and errors in manual data entry of customer data, the company suffered from a significant amount of late payments. Find out how they were able to positively impact the cash flow and reduce manual data entry by more than 50%.

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Bisnode's solution will give you a clear view of the actual status of the quality of your data. You will also receive recommendations for potential improvements and measures to take.

This includes solutions to the following issues:

  • Number of movers
  • Number of individual, household and company duplicates
  • Number of inactive companies
  • Which data is inaccurate
  • How you can complete your data

Once the analysis of your customer data is finalized, Bisnode can optimize and secure the quality of your database based on your needs. We correct inaccurate data, remove duplicates and match the data to our continuously updated databases. This helps you streamline your administration and at the same time free up time for your salespeople. Both badwill and returns are avoided when all names and addresses are correct, which will also help you cut costs.

The result will be a higher accuracy in your marketing activities, which contributes to more business and higher profitability. Through regular customer database updates from Bisnode, you secure the quality of your data and opportunities for success, now and in the future.

Looking for a structural solution? Have a look at our tools and webservices in following sections : 

Integrate quality data in your business processes and host and manage your customer database and CRM

Cleaning and standardizing your data are by no means a stand-alone operation. If you want to maintain a database with qualitative data, you’ll need to continuously keep it up to date.

But how do you do this? Modifying each contact manually is one way. Updating your database is much easier, faster and more efficient with the help of our webservices (online tools you can easily integrate into your own database management system) or automated treatments.

With our web services and automated treatments, Bisnode can help you:

  • Stay on top of changes within your customer base thanks to proactive signals such as address changes

  •  Facilitate data capture and integrate quality data as soon as it enters your database through address recognition and suggestion

  •  Identify a person or a company based on his data and link with your customer files

  •  Qualify and enhance customer data

 Have a look at our web services :

Online applications


Are you facing one or more of these challenges?

  • « We have a lot of customer data in different places under different formats but we cannot combine and analyse all the pieces of information we collect »
  • « I want to have a central point where I can see all interactions I have with each customer »
  • « I want to send differentiated communication to my supporters but I don’t know how to segment them…

The Bisnode Interact Data Management Platform (DMP) enables you to:

  • Canalise your different data streams into a single data management platform
  • Optimise the quality of the data using embedded DQ tools (standardisation, deduplication,…)
  • Create a single customer view
  • Access individual consumer information and profiles
  • Record all interactions between you and your customers
  • Select customers on a large number of criteria (predefined or custom)
  • Communicate in an appropriate way with selected groups of customers
  • Create insights and dynamic reporting on your data and campaigns
  • Be compliant with regulations (GDPR basic principles such as ‘right to be forgotten’)

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