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We help you understand your customers

We help you understand your customers

Bisnode’s solutions will enable you to have a profound understanding of your customers and prospects. Thanks to the availability of relevant data, developed models and insights from our analysts, we hand you the tools to generate new business. By combining and analyzing your data, second party data and our reference data, Bisnode delivers valuable insights in existing customers and new potential audiences. This allows you to make accurate selections and optimize your marketing with targeted offers, to reach the right persons and businesses through the right channels and to create new business opportunities.

Better understand customers

Better understand customers

  • What differentiates my customers?
  • What are the characteristics of my best customers?
  • How can I understand my customers better than my competitors do? 
targeted customers

Targeted customers

  • What is the right target for my new product?
  • How can I increase my market penetration within a specific segment?
  • How can we generate revenue through higher conversions?
Improve campaign efficiency

Improve campaign efficiency

  • Quick discovery of untapped marketing potential
  • Easier identification of key target groups
  • Towards personalized interactions with the right audiences
  • More relevant communication
Get valuable insights through profiling

Get valuable insights through profiling

  • Create understanding of who the customers are and what their needs are, thanks to sharp and relevant analyses.
  • Secure business critical decisions with a combination of your own and Bisnodes data.
Customer case

Visual Intelligence tool helps Pointcarré understand their customers

As a retailer, it is of utmost importance to keep close track of each store’s performance. Moreover, communication needs to be segmented and in line with a customer’s specific buying habits and purchase potential if your want it to be cost-effective. Discover how Bisnode helped PointCarré thanks to a visual intelligence tool with data quality and segmentation functionalities.

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RFM is a powerful tool to identify the different groups of customers (from “new” to “big spenders” to “almost lost”) based on their historical purchasing behavior and 3 simple KPI’s: recency, frequency and monetary value. How recently, how often and how much did your customers buy?

Your customers may have several loyalty cards and Bisnode helps you link those to one unique individual. This allows us to attribute them to the right RFM segment.

The RFM tool helps you understand:

• the different types of customer behavior
• the specific characteristics of the different customer groups
• the presence of acquisition, loyalty or retention issues
• the performance of your customer relationship
• where you can improve: acquisition, up-selling, buying frequency, etc.
• the expected total value of your customer by the end of the year

With the insights emerging from the RFM analysis, you have all the ingredients to boost your sales, to attract prospects similar to your best customers, communicate with a tailored message with each customer group, …

Like many other companies your organization is trying to attract potential customers in a marketing campaign. Reaching out to the right audience is key for the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. Besides, the outcome of your campaigns also relies on your organization’s ability to engage customers in a personalized way with individual messages that are relevant to their needs and situation. 

To overcome these challenges, successful companies build accurate customer portraits that leverage a wide variety of data across multiple channels. This also enables them to identify groups of customers sharing similar profiles or behavior patterns.

Ultimately, this will enable you to personalize your customer interactions.

Market miner is a powerful interactive platform for sales and marketing leaders wanting to optimize their B2B lead generation.

It all starts by knowing the profile of your clients or particular client segments:

By combining your customer data and Bisnode’s exhaustive B2B reference file (listing all Belgian companies and self-employed professionals), you get detailed insights on your clients.

These insights will allow you to generate in a next step targeted and segmented prospect lists, based on criteria that matter most in your specific business context.

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Different customer groups must be tackled differently

A good knowledge of- and marketing towards- your customers requires a relevant customer segmentation. In order to be able to identify the different profiles and needs of your customer base, you might want to divide it into groups of individuals that are similar in ways that are decisive to your marketing actions.  

Thanks to its rich set of data variables, Bisnode has the possibility to create customers segments based on detailed sociodemographic and lifestyle features. 

Our segmentation solution makes it possible to adapt your communication and your marketing action towards your customers and your prospects in function of the sociodemographic or lifestyle groups they belong to.

Create the conditions for greater potential:

• Streamline exploration with commercial information integrated into your own systems.
• Increase the accuracy of marketing through the possibility to develop targeted offers.
• Simplify lead processing and development of business due to the potential of relevant and complete customer profiles.

Strengthen your business with more information about your customers:

• Increase awareness for better customer relations.
• Ensure complete and accurate information in your CRM with the help of Bisnode's quality assured consumer and business information.
• Make wise decisions with access to continually updated customer data.
• Simplify the lead processing and development of business due to the potential of relevant and enriched customer profiles.

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