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Retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. Therefore, monitoring your customers is essential to your business: by knowing who is likely to churn you can act upon it and prevent good customers from leaving.

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Customer case

Predictive modelling helped Ethias reduce churn

Learn how Ethias took advantage of Bisnode’s experience in predictive models to determine the risk of churn for each of his customers. The model also helped to determine their appetite to buy a new contract for the product ‘assistance’ .

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% less churn % less churn


% less churn

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times more effective cross-sell

Which of your clients are about to leave your company? And what are they worth to you?  

RFM analysis helps you with insights to identify which customers are more likely to leave and which of them you should retain because of their value.

RFM is a powerful tool to identify the different groups of customers (from “new” to “big spenders” to “almost lost”) based on their historical purchasing behavior and 3 simple KPI’s: recency, frequency and monetary value. How recently, how often and how much did your customers buy?

Once these “at risk” customers are identified, you hold all the cards to reconnect with them in sending personalized emails, in offering special discounts or newer products, in providing helpful services, …

They were customers before ending the relationship. When customers are about to leave, you can see it long before it happens! By combining your data, our data mining capabilities, and our ability to uniquely identify a customer and his/her household members in your data, we can do predictive miracles!


  • Traditional churn analysis tends to show why customers choose to end the relationship, but rarely in time for the company to act and prevent client loss. With predictive analytics, you are able to get the information in time to adapt your communication, customer service, and your offerings to meet customer wants and needs and thereby reduce the risk that they would end the relationship with you.
  • Optimize the ROI of your retention campaigns: equipped with churn probability, you can adapt your retention actions according to the known value of your customers. 

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