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Develop your customers

Develop your customers

Everybody will agree that it costs more to find a new customer than to retain an existing one. That’s why it is important to understand not only which customers are the best today – but also which ones have the potential to spend more and become tomorrow's best customers; the ones which will give you a greater share of their purchases, also known as Share of Wallet.

For many companies, it is a challenge to get a clear picture of the potential of their customer base. In fact, your customers are telling you what they want. You just need to listen to all of them, and draw the right conclusions. By looking at your transactional data, you can identify untapped potential and address it with the right message. 

With Bisnode's RFM and “Next to buy” solutions you identify your most loyal customers, the customers showing the greatest untapped potential, as well as cross-selling or up-selling opportunities. 

Map of customer relationship

Build a map of your relationship with your customers

  • Automatically segment your customer base on frequency, recency and monetary value dimensions.
  • Predict your global turnover & understand where to act in order to reach the total expected turnover.
  • Allocate the right resources with customer segmentation based on actual purchase behavior and buying potential.
targeted customers

Build a map of your customers’ share of wallet and untapped opportunities

  • Use our deduplication processes to build a single customer view.
  • Address the right customers in the right way with the help of sharp analysis and a smart combination of your customer information and Bisnode data.
  • Let your customers tell you what they want: use our data mining techniques to identify the right opportunities for each client.
Customer case

Generating a single analytical view for a famous online bank

Since 2015, an online bank works in a data-mining & modeling environment that has been developed by Bisnode. Bisnode managed to implement advanced analytics in the bank and to prove the importance of data-mining and direct marketing to the bank executives. Before our collaboration, the bank had never run direct marketing campaigns.

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Not all of your customers have a high probability of growth. Some will remain at the same level of purchases and others may leave.

The RFM solution offers an easy way to identify the customers who have a need for your products and services and who have the potential to be converted into more profitable customers.

RFM is a powerful tool to identify the different groups of customers (from “new” to “big spenders” to “almost lost”) based on their historical purchasing behavior and 3 simple KPI’s: recency, frequency and monetary value. How recently, how often and how much did your customers buy?

Draw a clear understanding of your customer by creating a 360° degree view on unique customers (avoid duplications of customer records) and Households. Understand the wallet share of each household or customer. Link each household or customer to best cross- or up-selling opportunities. Automate selection processes and communications through all possible direct channels: emails, mobile, post, social, TV, or digital radio.


All companies know they have to make sure their offer reaches the target group most probably to respond well. The problem is that the traditional target group variables are no longer sufficiently accurate. Age, gender, address and income do not say enough about an individual's needs and preferences. The same applies to companies: sector, number of employees and last year's results do not provide adequate information on what a company's needs are right now.

Predictive analytics of the events (triggers) that precede a purchase from your company lets you know what your target group will buy and when they will buy it. This enables you to present relevant offers at the right time – and ahead of your competitors.

Our predictive analyses are based not only on historical customer data. We compile data from many different sources according to the variables that matter most to your business. We also improve the quality of your client database by identifying unique customers, and their households. Once we have identified the significant triggers for your business, it is possible to predict the likelihood of customers buying a certain product or service within a specific period of time.

Predictive analytics helps you develop business strategies, tune the “tone of voice” of your communication, and improve conversion rates. 

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