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We help you find the best prospects

We help you find the best prospects

Thanks to its extensive data referentials and advanced analytical techniques, Bisnode is the best-in-class partner to support your prospection strategy.

Based on your customers’ profile or your objectives, Bisnode has the capacity to lead you towards your best prospects.

Knowing who your best prospects are is not enough, you also need to optimize your relationship with them. To do so, Bisnode provides you with relevant tools to select the best audiences and track every contact you have with each individual.

Contact the right person with the right message

Contact the right person with the right message

  • Ensure that the individuals you contact are likely to be interested in your products/services
  • Choose the best prospect in a household
  • Adapt your communication according to your audience profile
targeted customers

Optimize your Prospect Relationship Management

  • Easily select audiences for your prospection campaigns
  • Track the contacts you have with your prospects
  • Avoid communication saturation
Focus on the best geographical areas

Focus on the best geographical areas

  • Visualize your customers, prospects, competitors and stores on a map
  • Pinpoint the greatest locations to expand your business

Thanks to predictive modelling, find which audience will respond best to your message

Our solution "Look-Alikes" allows you to select among the Belgian population the prospects that most closely resemble your target population, such as your best customers. By doing so, you increase the response rate of your marketing campaigns by contacting people who are likely to be interested in your product/service, and avoid contacting those who are not. To do this, we build a predictive model that scores every individual and assigns them a probability of response.

If you are wondering where you should open your next store or in which geographical area you should focus your next prospection efforts, Bisnode’s Potential Insight is just what you need. Bisnode developed a solution that highlights the best prospection areas in Belgium based on the analysis of your data and our knowledge of the market.

Bisnode combines information such as the location of your stores and their catchment areas, the location of your competitors’ stores as well as your prospects, in order to assess the potential of every neighborhood in Belgium. Bisnode then gives you wise recommendations for further geographical development.

The Bisnode PRM solution in 3 easy and consecutive steps:

  1. Selection of your prospects.
  2. Integration and updating of your prospects.
  3. Follow-up of your campaigns 

Bisnode retrieves insights from the campaign follow-up to close the loop and constantly improves the impact of your targeting. 

Bisnode Prospect Value Management (PVM) qualifies potential clients by assessing their expected lifetime value and gives you an indication on how to adapt your sales process to treat each prospect the right way.

Bisnode uses its rich set of data variables in combination with customer information to build a scoring model. This gives the best approximation of the expected lifetime value of your future customers.

The solution is available at the geographical level of your choice for door-to-door actions or in real-time via a web service for your shops or website.

Market Miner is a powerful interactive platform for sales and marketing leaders wanting to optimize their B2B lead generation.

One of the key features of Market miner is the ranking of prospects, based on a predictive model developed by Bisnode BI experts.

The prospect ranking gives you the unique opportunity to focus your prospection efforts on a limited but ideally qualified pool of potential clients.

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