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On average, 40,37% of a companies’ client or contract database consists of false data (more details in our infographic).

This can have big consequences:

  • Mailings that don’t get delivered
  • Clients who receive wrong invoices or don’t receive them at all
  • Doubles in the database
  • Sales men who stand before closed doors because the client has moved, or worse, has gone bankrupt.

We offer a free analysis of your client and contact details

  • At Bisnode we have more than 30 years of experience in client data
  • Thanks to our algorithms we’re able to fully analyze your client and contact details and tell you if your data are healthy
  • We exactly define how much data is wrong or can be corrected. Click here for an example report.
  • And the best is: this is non-binding and totally free.

If you would like to correct your data, request an offer here.

You can trust Bisnode

  • Upload your data via a totally secured connection (HTTP/SSL).
  • The data are immediately protected in our own secured data centre.
  • The data are NEVER consulted by third parties and are only processed by us to do your quality exercise.

For more than 30 years we enjoy the trust of multinationals, banks, social secretaries and companies in all other sectors of the Belgian business.


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