Bisnode Consumer Intelligence

Boost your sales with smart quality data

Through our modern API you can access real time data of 120M+ European consumers
  • Best Data Coverage in Europe
  • One unique consumer ID across markets
  • GDPR compliant consumer data
  • Identify and verify consumers in real time
  • Modern API and webservice
  • Spot cross- and upsell opportunities

"When looking at the Opening Rate we saw it increased over 100%. And so did Sales Conversion Rate."

Pär Gancarz CRM Manager NetonNet

Intensify your customer's buying experience

Connecting your data to our data in real-time will give your customers a much smoother check-out and onboarding experience. This will not only give you happier customers but also much happier sales teams.

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Get a 360° view of your customers

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Always have the smartest data

By combining your data with our unique data, you will get a 360° customer overview. Knowing your customers will reveal insights which will enable more personal and relevant communication in all touch points. Since your database is always updated with the latest information, your conversion rates and ROI will be higher.

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Use our data management to automate and simplify your way of working

With BCI your data is always up-to-date and correct across all your systems. A unique ID connected to each person in your database eliminates lookups, updates and typos. This reduces the risk of errors and disrupting your customer data which will ensure GDPR-compliance and the handling of consumer data in a structured way.

Why choose Bisnode Consumer Intelligence?

Verify users in real time for fast and efficient onboarding
Monitor and stay updated on customer life cycle and changes
Gain deeper insights about customer behaviour for more personalised communication
Identify up-& cross-sell opportunities while minimizing churn

This is what you get:

  • 120M+ European consumers
  • Live integration + well documented API:s
  • Data cleanse
  • Autofill in your webshop
  • Access to more than a billion data points
  • Real time data for off- and online points of sale
  • Direct verification of consumers for rapid registration
  • GDPR-compliant data
  • Coverage: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Realtime access to 80+ Insight variables
  • One integration for all systems, across markets
  • Unique ID for each user/consumer
  • User friendly interface
  • Real time identification
  • Enriched data
  • Deeper insights about your customers
  • Tool for automated data management
  • Single point of access

See our customer case – NetOnNet

Target group analysis at NetonNet doubled conversions

An in-depth understanding of the customer can provide invaluable knowledge in a competitive industry. Since NetOnNet has been focusing on target group analysis, customer segmentation and personalized data-driven marketing, it has doubled customer club purchase conversions through improved communication. 

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