Consumer Intelligence by Bisnode

Treat your customers to a smoother journey and speed up conversion


From on-boarding to customer care in a seamless work stream


Our data combined with yours to truly deepen your insights


Using our system to give your customer the best experience

Get to know your customer

Get to know your customer

Bisnode has a long history of improving companies’ relations with their customers by providing smart data. Data from Bisnode combined with your own data assures a better understanding of who your customers are, what they want, when they want it and how they can be reached. In short: you get to know your customers better.

High-quality data for high conversion

High-quality data for high conversion

360 degree view of your customers

Consumer Intelligence by Bisnode will provide smart data that – combined with your own data and other online datasources –  will give you a 360 degree view of your customers. This will not only speed up customer conversion, but also ensure your databases are always up to date and constantly fueld with high-quality data.

Making GDPR compliancy easier!

Making GDPR compliancy easier!

By integrating Bisnode Consumer Intelligence, you will have better control over your customer records which will help you comply with many of the obligations of GDPR. Our unique ID implemented in all business systems enables you to get a 360 view of your customer and also to link all data about a customer to ease GDPR compliancy.

Create smoother journeys for your customers

Consumer Intelligence by Bisnode can help you with many different aspects of your customer relationships, depending on your industry, business situation or specific marketing needs.

Be relevant

Our integrated, real-time data management service enables you to validate, qualify and enrich your data – at any time. We monitor all core data in real time to ensure it is up to date and accurate. As a result, you can communicate with your customers in the most appropriate channels in a smart, relevant manner.

Stay up to date

One API integration gives you access to 100M+ European consumers in multiple markets. This approach provides consistent, up-to-date customer data across all platforms and business systems, including webshops, apps and CRM systems.

Forward is easy

Increase your conversion rate by simplifying your e-shop check-out procedure or ensuring your internal databases are constantly updated with high-quality data. Gain access to powerful insights about your customers and their needs that will drive your business forward.

Satisfy your customers

By being relevant and offering a smooth customer onboarding process you will provide good customer experience. Side effects include much happier customers, improved customer relationships, and higher conversion rates.

Consumer Onboarding. Assists you in the customer identification process, making it possible to validate personal data and convert your customers in real time, both on- and offline.

Consumer Monitor. Let you observe your customer database and be informed at all times about any changes in your data.

  • Integrated real-time data management service
  • Delivered via an API that will validate, qualify and enrich your data
  • One integration gives you access to 100M+ European consumers in multiple markets
  • Smooth customer onboarding enables a better customer experience and increased conversions
  • Facilitates consistent and updated customer data across various platforms and business systems, such as webshops, apps and CRM systems
  • Core data is updated and monitored in real time – always correct and up-to-the-minute.
  • A unique personal ID enables a 360 view of every customer.
  • Get new insights by combining your own customer data with Bisnode analyzed consumer data
  • Ensure compliance of your customer data management to GDPR