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Unique opportunity

Unique opportunity

With information overload rising and a continually increasing range of products and services to choose from, market conditions today are in a constant state of flux. More and more players are taking the field to battle for purchasing power, but with increasingly pressured budgets for attracting it. How, then, is it possible to not only find select corporate clients but also get your message across and make them understand why they should choose your company above all others?

In a world where digital developments have become a natural part of our lives, the conditions for how and where we get our information have changed. With a greater number of communication channels than ever before, our approaches are now challenged just as much as our strategies. What’s the solution to keep up with the digital revolution while still understanding its potential and using it to benefit your business?

Via our wholly owned subsidiary Vendemore, we offer solutions in account-based marketing that combine the opportunity to reach the right buyers and decision-makers with the potential offered by digital interfaces. With IP-based online advertising, you can reach your B2B clients with customized offers and unique messages. This makes each of your communication efforts more relevant, and enables you to increase your ROI, create long-lasting client relationships and generate successful business with your strategic accounts. 



Maximize your activities aimed at strategic accounts

Maximize your activities aimed at strategic accounts

Viewing and managing each client as its own market means that your communication must be specific to each client, which in itself increases your accuracy. Our solution enables you to:

  • Target your online communication so that your marketing is unique and interesting for each client and prospect
  • Allocate your marketing budget and resources according to where the greatest potential income is, thereby avoiding unnecessary costs
  • Increase your ROI thanks to the relevance and effectiveness of customized communication to specific clients
Develop your business and relationships

Develop your business and relationships

For companies with long and complex sales cycles, it can be difficult to identify and reach all interested parties. With our solution, you can:

  • Develop your business by identifying your best potential clients
  • Ensure that your brand and sales communication are top of mind among your clients when they are ready to enter an agreement by maintaining a continuous presence with them
  • Build long-lasting relationships and create opportunities for additional sales by continuously identifying new needs among your clients

In large, often global organizations, it is almost impossible to reach all interesting potential contacts. In complex procurement conditions, there are both influencers and decision-makers who need to be convinced — and usually with different types of arguments. Through our Account-Based Marketing solution, you can select the departments you want to reach and make sure that you are reaching them at the right stage in the decision-making process. Using IP-based advertising, you communicate to a client or potential partner online, on the websites they visit. You can adapt your advertisements to match the client’s preferences. This enables you to reach those you want to influence on their own terms, with accurate messages and optimal timing.

The strength of account-based marketing is that you focus your marketing resources on the accounts that are most profitable. It centers around influencing large and often geographically dispersed decision-making groups, identifying clients’ problems and finding solutions for them, and strengthening your brands while expanding information on product portfolios. The goal is not to generate as many clicks as possible, but rather to increase the chances of more and bigger orders. This unique opportunity to adapt to each client creates the flexibility to continuously and optimally support the sales process. 

Unique messages require content-driven communication and what is included in the message becomes extremely important. This means that you can also work with white papers, customer cases, blogs and twitter feeds in your digital advertising. We help you combine the various formats to help you get the best results and ensure that the total package supports your business strategy and your sales targets.

Software utilization facilitates the lead management process and streamlines marketing efforts. However, a large number of leads are not a guarantee that they are hot or of high quality. Vendemore’s software solutions, on the other hand, help you identify prospects with the greatest potential and determine how you can direct your marketing to the prospective clients prioritized by your sales representatives. When marketing and sales work together, your advertising can support your ongoing dialogues and processes. Unique and targeted messages make your client feel that they have been specially selected and that the sender understands their specific challenges and conditions. With an ongoing dialogue, you make sure that you are top of mind among your clients when they are faced with a buying decision. This allows you to always stay one step ahead. And because your advertising is only seen by the selected recipient, you can also act without your competitors knowing what you are conveying or offering.

Account-based marketing gives you the ability to unite tactical communication with well-defined business goals. With feedback from your sales results, you can fine-tune your advertisements and identify new potential markets and “twins”, i.e. prospective clients similar to your existing clients. We help you assess the outcome of targeted activities based on the resonance from prospects and clients. This helps you determine what you should and shouldn’t prioritize. The compilation of results and impact are delivered to you in the form of monthly reports with Actionable Sales Insights, which enables you to continuously evaluate and optimize your marketing and sales activities. If you’d like to get started quickly with Account-Based Marketing without the need to hire your own experts, our experienced Account Teams are at your service. 

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