Mastering the chaotic customer lifecycle into smooth customer journeys with data pebbles - Part 2/2

16 Aug 2018

The old customer lifecycle has blown up into a multitude of consumer interactions in an omni-channel environment. The road from acquisition to loyalty has become a labyrinth. To reach your business objectives you need to create highly relevant and personalized customer experiences. But how?

The solution: create highly relevant and personalized

customer journeys with the Hansel & Gretel data approach

So how do you put customers first and pamper them with tailor-made and highly relevant offers when they are always on the go? How do you keep trace of their personal needs and preferences? The answer to this present-day challenge is hidden in an old fairy-tale.

Remember Hansel & Gretel? They left breadcrumbs and pebbles in the woods to mark their journeys. The breadcrumbs were eaten by the birds, which made the poor kids lose their way. The pebbles were long-lasting beacons allowing them to reach their business objectives.

Tracing the erratic customer journey with data pebbles

Customers leave traces all along their journey in the form of data.

● Behavioral data: clicks or purchases, location tracking data,
likes or posts on social media...

● Declared data: registration forms or surveys, ratings & reviews, ...

Smart marketers see these data as ‘pebbles’. They collect them and link them to their ‘creator’. They use them as stepping stones to create relevant experiences for unique consumer journeys. Others see data as breadcrumbs. They let valuable customer signals go to waste…

Each customer journey is unique. It is also highly variable as it takes place in an omni-channel environment.

Turning the data tsunami into a nicely pebbled road to your customers

Marketeers are faced with a tsunami of data. Consumers move easily through this data storm because they have more and more connected devices at their fingertips. These devices leave a multi-layered trail of data pebbles behind.

So how do you create a seamless, relevant experience for these extremely mobile customers? It all starts with picking up the data pebbles of each individual customer across all channels. They need to be stored and connected into a single customer view. This will enable you to provide your customers with rich and relevant experiences at the right time, at the right place, with the right message and offer.

Each customer leaves a multi-layered trail behind across a multitude of channels. Treating this unique trail not as breadcrumbs but as valuable pebbles is the only way to build profitable customer relationships: from lead to loyalty.

From data pebbles to rock-solid customer journeys

Making personalized and rich customer journeys requires a smart data-driven strategy and CRM system, based on a single customer view. This powerful combination will help you keep pace and become a valuable companion during the entire customer journey: from lead and first sale to a rewarding relationship.

To make this happen an experienced data-intelligence partner will do wonders. Bisnode will gladly go the extra mile with you to put these giant piles of data pebbles to good use.

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