Is there still room for innovation in email marketing - Part 2/2

02 Aug 2018

7 innovation pathways to explore to bring email marketing to the next level

Has email marketing reached full maturity? Is there still room for innovation? Let’s see how we could keep raising the bar. In part one we talked about a better attunement with spam filters and high-precision targeting. Here are the next 5 innovation construction sites.

3. Timing your emails the smart way

The time of the long-planned campaign is over. Performance of our emails will be improved either by shifting to triggers or context.

More sensitive triggers

Many email campaigners already use a trigger module, allowing you to send an email after a certain event happened. But there is still room for further progress. Imagine synchronizing your email campaign with a tool like IFTTT. It allows you to send emails to your customers, triggered by one of hundreds of different apps that are recognized by it. It’s the real-time marketer’s dream come true! MailChimp has recently discovered the power of the IFTTT environment.

Using context to time your mail drops with more relevance

Context is telling a lot about how receptive your target is to which specific mail message at which particular time. Knowing that a person is near her work on a Wednesday morning certainly suggests that she is commuting. Finding her there on a Saturday afternoon would imply that she’s shopping. Except when she’s moving at 20 km/h and uses unfamiliar roads, which would indicate that she’s cycling. Each of these contexts should trigger a different kind of mail.

4. Discover new frontiers in email personalization

By using psychographic persona and contexts, email marketers can maximize the impact of each mail. It enables precise personalization just before the launch.

A rich library with a wide variety of tailor-made content would be handy. It could be handled by an automated content management platform, selecting the right story for the right consumer. Linked to smart customer data it could focus on the consumer’s principal interests, choosing the right words and arguments for maximum impact.

5. Unbiased A/B Testing, inspired by Darwin’s natural selection

Emails combine dozens of elements. Tests usually focus on some of them. But what if the truly decisive variable was elsewhere and we didn’t have a clue? Maybe we overlooked a crucial factor, which would have doubled our performance? We would never know!

What if we used the biggest A/B testing our Planet has ever known: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? With natural selection each new generation introduces random changes. The best adapted new versions end up surviving. While specimen that are less adapted to their environment go extinct.

Natural selection offers good inspiration for unbiased A/B Testing. Email batches could be divided up in generations. Each one would differ from the previous generation by a random mutation: a different text, call to action, image, promotion… The best performing ones would survive. The others would be eliminated. No doubt this could optimize response.

6. Boosting performance with a well-tuned omni-channel integration

Integration with offline and social media is key for email marketing. It allows to identify candidates for upselling. Buyers who revisited your site or endorsed your brand can be contacted again by mail to buy more. Prospects who liked you on Facebook can be approached by mail with a trial offer.

Omni-channel integration allows merging more data, from all parts of the ecosystem. This enables you to target better and to optimize content for each of the recipients.

The result is a “1+1=3” win, where the total ROI of the channels working together is higher than the sum of the ROI of each separate channel.

This requires a multichannel CRM, working as a true datahub. A hub that assimilates all kinds of data and interprets them to launch tailor-made campaigns.

7. It’s time for a new generation of email marketeers

Email, like each new marketing channel, will be defined by three generations of marketers:

  1. Pioneers, experimenting with the new medium with trial and error.
  2. Integrators, handpicking the successful cases and bundling them into the email marketing approach as we know it today.
  3. Disrupters...

What email marketing needs now to move forward is a generation of disruptors. Young talents, who will re-appropriate this channel, invent new codes and uses and revolutionize it for future wins.

Young reader, do you feel the vibe to reinvent email marketing? Do you think you could re-appropriate this channel, invent new codes and revolutionize it to make it adapted to the world of tomorrow? A bright future is awaiting you! Why not get in touch with us at Bisnode?

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