Family Service & Bisnode: The Most Efficient Family Audiences of Belgium

03 Oct 2019

Trying to sell a family car, holidays in a park, games, family insurance? Almost all sectors can make their marketing actions more relevant by knowing more about the family typology of the consumers they are targeting. Is my consumer single or part of a couple? Are there kids in the family? And if yes, how many? And how old are they?These questions can clearly make the difference between a successful campaign and a disappointing one.But who can deliver you this information and how reliable is it? It turns out that marketers turn to three different tactics:

The Behavioural approach: risky & damageable!

The first way to find parents is to try and guess who is a parent, just by looking at online behaviour:

  • He is looking at Barbie dolls? He must certainly have a girl!
  • She is booking a trip for 4 persons to Euro Disney? Truly, she must have two children!
  • He is browsing through baby clothes on Amazon? There is a new born in the house!
  • She is making a baby shower Pinterest board? No doubt she’s expecting!

Except, it doesn’t always work like that:

  • What if the Barbie doll was a Christmas present for a niece?
  • What if the Euro Disney trip was for 4 adults?
  • What if the baby clothes were a present for a colleague?
  • What if the Pinterest board was “just in case” for the future?

In the first place, the consequences may be bad for your marketing campaign. Your targeting is irrelevant, so your ROI is mediocre.

But on top of that much more damageable consequences can occur for your image, as some companies keep on discovering on a regular basis.

For example, in 2014, the American company Shutterfly decided to send a “Thank You Card” email campaign to every person who ordered baby products on their website.

The subject of the email was “Congratulation on your new arrival”.

Well guess what? Some people were just buying presents for friends & family, and some of them were quite shocked by the message, forcing Shutterfly to public excuses.

Is this what you want for your Marketing? Certainly not. Then we need to find another way of contacting parents.


ScreenHunter 914.png

The social network approach: safer, but really efficient?

Social networks know everything, so they certainly know who is a parent, don’t they?

If you have a look at their data inventory, you even find the criteria you are looking for.

Fine! Everything we need! But let’s have a closer look at the quantities:





Parents with Toddlers (01-02 years)


New Parents (0-12 months)



Knowing that there are 7 million adults in Belgium, aren’t these volumes very low?

According to the National Institute of Statistics, there are 120.000 birth per year in Belgium, involving two parents. So the real number of New Parents and parent with Toddlers should be around 200.000 for our country.

Conclusion: Social networks as in the example, has a safe information but covers only 3% of the target we want to reach.

Again, we need a better solution. And fortunately, this solution exists.



Family Service & Bisnode: The most efficient Family Audiences of Belgium

Is there a better place to gather children data than the hospital’s maternity ward, where it all begins.

This is exactly what Family Service thought when they created the Pink Box in 1952.

These boxes, delivered at key moments of the pregnancy and the first year of the child are really appreciated by the young parents, as they provide them with useful products to help them in this new experience.

At the same time, they allow Family Service to gather precise data about these new children, in a totally transparent and consent-based way, in the spirit of the new GDPR legislation.

Do you want to know more about our solution?

The coverage of this data is impressive: 640.000 boxes delivered per year, to 97% of the future & young parents of Belgium! All this allowing to reach more than 1 million parents in total! Following them from birth to teenage years. They can even be segmented by age groups and by number of children!

And the best of it? These audiences are fully integrated into the Bisnode Audience solutions!

It means that whatever the channel you want to use for your communication, the data will certainly be available there!

Just ask, Bisnode will onboard Family Service data (from 3 to 18 years old) for you on the following channels:

  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google & Youtube Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram ecosystem
  • Targeted TV
  • Amazon
  • In-Game advertising
  • Push notification
  • Geotargeted display

Isn’t it great for the relevance of your marketing campaigns?

So, trying to sell a family car, holidays in a park, games, family insurance or anything impacted by the family composition of your consumers? Come and experience the relevance of Family Service data inside your Bisnode Audiences! We are sure you’ll be back for more!