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(E)-Couponing: tactics and strategy

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Combine (e-)couponing in one single highly performing data driven marketing instrument

Sure, you’re using promotional coupons to drive the sales of your product range and your innovations. What’s new?

But have you considered that targeted and personalized coupons offer strategic competitive advantages? Not all consumers are created equal, so why treat them equally?

If you play your coupon cards right and fully use the power of prospect and consumer data, you can:

  • target only the right audiences with the right coupon (product and face value), thus heavily optimizing promotional spend
  • gather insights, fast, about your product’s consumers
  • create consumer relationship programs, based on consumer identification and redemption behavior data
Typically, a tactical instrument

Typically, a tactical instrument

Distributing coupons to shoppers traditionally is a tactical instrument, well embedded in today’s marketer’s toolkit, effectively used to temporarily boost sales, attract trialists and put your brand in the picture.

With e-couponing, on-pack, on-shelf, door-to-door and direct mail distribution have been complemented with digital methods of bringing the coupon to the consumer: email (owned or rented contacts), brand websites, bannering, Facebook, etc…

Benefit from the strategic potential offered by (e)-couponing

Benefit from the strategic potential offered by (e)-couponing

But once you personalize your coupon (a legal must for e-coupons), it turns into an important strategic, long-term instrument!

It allows you to carefully construct a consumer database and to take ownership of a direct dialogue with your shoppers and consumers. Thus bypassing retailer’s monopolies on direct shopper contacts.

Not only are you able to talk directly to your core target groups, but you can 100% tailor your message to each individual or segment. Increasing basket size for your star product.  Cross-selling to other product categories. Targeting consumers that matter to you. Saving money, creating room for new campaigns or initiatives.

Use coupons smartly and integrate them in your growth strategy:

  • Don’t spend your budget on rewarding frequent consumers with coupons for products they would have bought anyhow. Try other ways of bonding with your best customers, like making them save up for special treats.
  • Do use coupons to generate trial. Be generous, because the best way to sell your product is to let the consumers experience it.
  • Carefully planned consecutive coupons stimulate re-purchase, after a first trial.
  • Constant coupon pressure (instead lowering your product price permanently) can also be strategic choice. You keep your A-brand image, but position yourself closer to your (cheaper) competitors. 

Personalized (e)-couponing clearly contributes to building a loyal consumer and shopper base.

Your consumer database, undeniable fundament of consumer-brand dialogues

Your consumer database, undeniable fundament of consumer-brand dialogues

A nice ‘side-effect’ of personalized couponing is that you systematically build a consumer database, populated by consumer identification and their coupon printing and redemption behavior. The closest thing to registering actual purchases!

 Collecting data like name, gender, language, address, email address and opt-ins for marketing communication is relatively easy (and even partly mandatory when using e-coupons).

 Through the name/address and/or email address combination, Bisnode helps you get a unique view on your consumers and shopper, creating a single consumer and even household view, unlocking thousands of socio-demographic and lifestyle variables to provide deep insight into your audience segments.

If you’re using digital channels, you not only can easily identify consumers, but use the opportunity to qualify them, asking them one or some additional questions. What is the usage frequency of your product category in the household? What is your brand’s share of wallet? Who are your main competitors?

Creating market insight and relevant data to feed your next segmented campaigns. Because the more relevant your message to your target groups, the better the short and long term results!

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