Data-driven marketing

Part 2: How data-driven marketing powers effective FMCG customer engagement

An Louwagie - 12 Apr 2018

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Digital and social media have put customers in full control. To make them try out,  purchase and repurchase your FMCG brand you need to boost consumer engagement in two ways: 

  • Be ready to fulfill the customer’s wishes on every platform: from the physical store to e-commerce.
  • Meet the specific expectations with personalized communication, tailor-made offers and customized products.


Why data intelligence drives customer engagement

Relevance is the key engagement driver. Sending the right message to the right consumer via the right channel at the right time requires the smart use of all available data. Data-driven, direct-to-consumer initiatives lead to more brand interactions, better retention and bigger basket sizes. 

The science of consumer engagement

At Bisnode we strongly believe that consumer engagement is a science based on data intelligence. We distinguish 3 smart data processes that power every successful direct-to-consumer FMCG strategy:

  1. Build up data intelligence by collecting, integrating, analyzing and managing Omni-channel data.
  2. Use this data intelligence to set up relevant and efficient Omni-channel one-to-one dialogues between brands and specific consumer segments.
  3. Continue to collect smart data to prove and to improve return on investment of every digital & direct marketing campaign.

How to make this happen? That’s the subject of the 3rd and final part of our customer engagement special.

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