Create an amazing customer experience in all your channels

31 Aug 2018

A positive customer experience is central to companies that sell to consumers. Your competitors are just a click away, and if customers experience your offer as too complicated, you risk losing those customers. So how do you create a great customer experience? One important component is high quality consumer data. 

Today, the buyer’s journey for a consumer product is complex, moving through several different channels. The process may begin with a search engine on a mobile phone, continue on a desktop via a click on a banner ad, and wind up in a physical store where the purchase is actually made. Or vice-versa. To lead and support the customer along such a journey, a company must be able to identify the customer in every channel, communicate just the right message at the right moment, and give appropriate feedback to the customer depending on the context. As customers, we want to avoid any inconvenience, and we want to feel like the company understands our intentions. If this doesn’t happen, the customer experience turns bad and there is a real risk that a competitor will get the business. With a truly positive customer experience you can sell more to existing customers as well as to new customers. 

Truly understanding the customer’s intentions is a substantial challenge for companies that want to improve their customer experience. “The more information you have on your customers, the easier it is to give them a fantastic experience,” says Josefine Malmquist, product manager for Bisnode Consumer Intelligence. 

With up-to-date, quality consumer data that is always accessible, you can understand your customer better and show it when you meet the customer by giving relevant feedback throughout the entire buyer’s journey. “If you communicate relevant messages in relevant channels, the customer will feel that you know what you are doing, which builds trust and improves the experience,” continues Josefine Malmquist. 

With up-to-date consumer data, you can also ensure that the information you have stored on each customer is always the most recent and accurate. You can identify individuals in different channels more easily and provide them with relevant information on each step of the journey. You can also reach new insights by combining information from different data sources – insights that can lead to new business. For example, if you know that one of your customers has recently moved to a new house, you can create relevant and attractive offers for that customer. 

Quality consumer data can also be used to identify individuals based on the various types of information that is saved in different systems. “When you sell to consumers, you often have several different systems that handle customer data, from business and checkout systems to systems for customer clubs, newsletters or physical send-outs. And often these systems cannot talk with each other, which can cause problems,” says Josefine Malmquist. 

Bisnode Consumer Intelligence is a new solution from Bisnode that can help improve your customer experience through smart data. Read more here about how our new API-based service for consumer data can support your business.

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