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Part 3 : Five steps to boost customer engagement in FMCG

Onze sprekers - 28 Mar 2018

Are you a beginner in consumer engagement or already an experienced user of FMCG customer relationship management? The following five steps will help you kick-start or upgrade your customer engagement strategy.


1. Define clear customer engagement objectives and KPIs

Start from your company objectives and translate them into clear and quantifiable marketing and digital targets. Here are some questions that you need to address:

  • How do I define ‘consumer engagement’ for my brands and markets?
  • What is my market potential?
  • What is the possible size of my consumer database? How can I make it grow over the years in terms of projected costs and turnover?
  • Given that I have identified, qualified, segmented and developed my prospect and customer base, how will this impact my sales?
  • Which campaign metrics will I use?

Carefully choose your battles. Start small and expand your playing field as you go: include more brands, add new channels…


2. Map out how to obtain a critical mass of consumer data and how to manage it

  • Make a data collection plan. Include which data you want to acquire, about whom, how, how much and how to keep track of this.
  • Look at the different contact points where consumer data can be gathered throughout owned, earned and paid media.
  • Evaluate the data you already have. What is the quality and recency?
  • Determine where you will store data and how you will ensure a single consumer view across all channels.
  • Build a solid data foundation for all subsequent consumer engagement initiatives!


3. Segment and differentiate for true consumer relevance

  • Define the most effective customer segmentation types for your business.
  • Get to know your identified consumers/shoppers in terms of e.g. sales basket, buying recency and frequency, upselling and cross selling potential, involvement with the brand, social engagement…
  • Define who to move in, move up, move across or move out of your database.
  • Combine consumer value and engagement for a powerful differentiated customer approach.
  • Bring only highly relevant messages and leverage the strength of ambassador relationships.


4. Define when, where and how to talk to your consumer segments

  • Align consumer communications both to business objectives and consumer needs.
  • Combine data insights/profiles with content and context to create highly relevant messages.
  • Engage prospects and customers to register. Don’t forget to onboard (!) and connect.

Fully integrate digital and social channels in your direct-to-consumer communication strategy.


5. Measure, learn and adapt

  • Use a proper KPI dashboard to track the evolution of your reach per channel, consumer coverage, variable completion rates, consumer/shopper profiles of both campaign receivers and responders…
  • Map the whole conversion funnel, from reach to engagement.
  • Evaluate media spend for opt-in collection/identification versus the potential value. Did you recruit the right profiles? Do these consumers really engage with your brand(s)?
  • Optimize and test your campaigns. Reduce waste of money and maximize the effectiveness of your budget.
  • Adapt your acquisition, segmentation, communication and engagement strategy, based on continuous learning.


The ties that bind these 5 steps? Smart Data!

Smart data is about the clever integration of data and technology. Technology provides the engine and data the raw material for true consumer engagement marketing. The intelligent use of these two elements enables FMCG marketers to engage with consumers in a relevant and respectful way.

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Want to read the full story?

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