Bisnode Women Index 2019

For some years now, Bisnode has been publishing the Bisnode Index of Women Influence (BIWI) that highlights the influence women have on the economy, in several European countries.

The Index is developed by Bisnode with the participation of certain markets throughout Europe. It measures the influence of women in regard to four parameters: share in the number of companies, share in the number of employees, share in revenues and share in net profits. The base for the index is the share of women-owned companies, compared to the total number of companies.

There are many key findings, such as that in most countries, women owned companies, earn on average significantly less than men-owned companies. In Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria, women have a higher influence on domestic economy than the average for all countries.

March 8, is the International Women´s day. Why not get some inspiration from the report about diversity and the impact in our everyday life?

Download the full report here

The analysis was based on data from 14 Bisnode countries: Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

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