Are you targeting the right person?

Florent Diverchy - 17 May 2019


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You rely on Facebook to show your ads to your target. It’s cheap, you’ve got a huge reach, and you can easily generate a lot of clicks to your website. But what happens next? Do the clickers easily transform into buyers or do they too often disappear before converting?

You may think Facebook provides you with the right data, but is it always that relevant?

Are you targeting people who drink Oasis, or people who listen to Oasis? These prospects have an interest for Ferrari, but will they be able to afford buying one? Those people seem to have an interest in Cofidis… or maybe in the Cofidis Cycling team?

If this type of question already occurred to you, stop wondering and boost the relevance of your campaigns thanks to our exclusive Bisnode Audiences!

Just imagine, you’ll be able to filter your target audience by:

  • Family Typology
  • Social Class
  • Median Income
  • Buying, Moving & Renovating intentions
  • Bank Profile (Investor or not?)
  • Car typology (the one they drive, not the one they dream of!)

But maybe you need a more exotic audience?

In order to launch a new product, you need to know:

  • Who could be interested in Pickles Ice Cream?
  • Who owns a pet alligator?
  • Who is using a helicopter to go to work?

No problem, we’re up to this challenge too!

" You may think Facebook provides you with the right data, but is it always that relevant? Are you targeting people who drink Oasis, or people who listen to Oasis? "

Florent Diverchy Digital Consultant Bisnode


Let us ask ANY question to our Permesso panel: in just one week-end we can guarantee you at least 2.000 answers!

From there, you decide what to do with the positive answers:

  • We can give you a report on their socio-demographic profile 
  • We can send them your marketing communication by email
  • We can put them in a Facebook audience for you
  • We can find look-a-likes of them in our referential of the Belgian population (and deliver it to you as a Facebook audience too)
  • We can even ask them directly an opt-in for your marketing program!

Thanks to Bisnode, more than ever, choose for Relevant Marketing!

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