White paper

Top 9 AI trends that will take off in 2019

05 Jun 2019

Artificial intelligence is already able to drive cars, fetch information from Wikipedia and make an appointment with your hairdresser. But that’s only the beginning.

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About the report

In this report, we highlight a number of innovations that will take AI to the next level in 2019— and change the shape of business beyond that.

  • Autonomous things
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Predictive analysis
  • Natural Language Processing / AI Assistants
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Augmented Analytics
  • Block Chain
  • Biohacking
  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)


Whether you work in marketing, law, finance, or medicine, innovations like machine learning, AR and autonomous robots will make things possible that seem like science fiction today — even though in many cases, they’re already being tested at a smaller scale.