GDPR Workshop for finance, institution & insurance

100% interactive, 100% customized !

The General Data Protection Regulation, otherwise known as GDPR, is a very hot topic right now! Considering the impact this new legislation will have on most businesses, and limited resources of concrete information, it is natural that you have a thousand and one specific questions about this subject.

As a trusted partner for everything related to personal data, Bisnode is experienced in listening to its clients and providing them with relevant, useful and sensible advice – particularly when it comes to issues related to privacy and legal implications.

That’s why we are organising free, interactive consultancy sessions on the GDPR for you. Beside the straightforward information sessions, we will give you a real opportunity to get right answers to your own questions by asking them to our GDPR experts.

These sessions are highly customised, designed to answer specific questions relevant to your business. Therefore, each session will be dedicated to one or two sectors with similar problems. To make sure all your questions are answered, in 100% interactive manner, the number of participants will be limited to approximately fifteen people.

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