EPISODE 3: Getting optimal source data is key to create data driven marketing solutions. How to make sure they are fully in line with GDPR?

20 Apr 2018

Creating valuable and reliable data source partner relationships 

Having Multiple fresh and frequently updated source data within a partnership formula is key. These data are the raw material and fuel that empowers Bisnode’s data-driven solutions. They are essential for the creation of the Bisnode Referential Consumer Database: to speed up the updating cycles, to optimize data quality and to expand the coverage in an Omni-channel environment. This enables us to serve our clients with “state of the art” data solutions for data quality, targeting and analysis. By doing this, Bisnode built one of the largest multi-source reference database of consumer data in Belgium. 

This enables Bisnode’s clients to optimize their data quality and so being compliant to the GDPR’s obligation of having available data as accurate as possible. 

No wonder Bisnode keeps developing strong win-win relationships with data source partners, based on mutual trust, strictly ethical procedures and respecting all privacy related legislation. Bisnode took great care to ensure that the entire process from data capture to data handling respects GDPR principles. We offer our source partners legal advice and support. 

A unique concept with tailor-made approach 

The different source partners deliver mainly contact point data feeding and optimizing the multi-source eco system of the Bisnode Referential Database. Bisnode offers several source partnership formulas adapted to the specific partner requirements. The use of the delivered source data can be limited to data validation within the Bisnode environment or, for more extended purposes, as data correction, analysis or delivery for targeting in direct marketing campaigns. 

Importance of Trust, Deontology & GDPR checks and balances 

Bisnode sees to it that all data source partnerships fully respect the ethical codes of our business and GDPR regulations. Here are some examples of the measures Bisnode takes: 

  • We conclude a formal Agreement with each source partner, covering the analysis of their database and including a non-disclosure clause.
  • The Bisnode legal department assesses the privacy statement of the source partner. Bisnode provides a specific clause that needs to be included in the privacy policy of the partner. These privacy clauses are tailored to the specific source partnership: either for delivery or for validation purposes. The clauses clearly refer to Bisnode Belgium and its partners and the specific uses and non-uses of the personal data.
  • Transparency for the Data Subject: Bisnode created a website dedicated to its  B2C and B2B data subjects, where they can find all the necessary information about their rights and how to apply them
  • In case of request or complaints by the data subject, the Bisnode legal department takes care of the GDPR compliant follow-up... 

Does GDPR allow data-driven prospection? 

Can companies still use personal data for all their direct marketing activities? 

That’s the subject of episode 4: a report on the legal battle to make 1-to-1 prospection GDPR compliant.

Looks complicated? Glad to help you!

Looks complicated? Glad to help you!

Don’t worry: whenever in doubt about a GDPR data issue, do not hesitate to contact your Bisnode consultant. Getting GDPR ready? Been there! Done that! We’re ready to help and get you on your way.

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