Types of data

What kind of data we have on you?

Bisnode Belgium does not have the same data for all people. It depends on the data that you or our partners gave us. You will find here a list of the data that Bisnode Belgium could have on you:

Company Data

Company Data

Here's a non-nominative list of data, associated to companies

  • Company name, social reason, company number
  • Postal address, phone number, email address,... 
  • VAT number, ONSS number, NACE code, joint commissions,...
  • Company size, number of employees
  • Creation date, number and contact information of headquarters/branches/franchises
  • Web page, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, ...
  • Financial information, solvency, bankruptcy, ...
Individual data

Individual data

Here's a list of professional data we could have on individuals

  • Name, first name, gender & language
  • Professional address (and sometimes private), professional fixed phone and/or mobile, professional email address
  • Date of birth
  • Function or title : administrator, delegated administrator, managers (we only have top management functions)  
  • Date of nomination (and date of end of mandate)
  • Deduced data
  • Marketing profiles