Bisnode's Corona Index
This edition covers the Belgian market and is updated every Tuesday at 14:00

The Bisnode Corona Index, edition Belgium,  is designed to present the latest developments from the Belgian corporate world. Just as the daily bulletins give information about the current physical health of the nation, the Corona Index is a snapshot of the current corporate trends which will impact the future of commerce and society. The index is based on the wealth of data available from Bisnode which is being openly shared during this crisis. Trends can be detected, predicted and analysed in good time.


For press inquiries about the Index, please contact Tomas Hedenius, Head of Marketing and Communications,

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How should companies act in a situation out of the ordinary? What is important to take into consideration and how do you evaluate business partners’ credits during a full-blown crisis? Listen to tips and insights from our experts on Credit Risk Assessment.

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