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Find alternatives to trade fairs being cancelled
All big Belgian trade fairs are being cancelled, postponed or reduced to a lighter digital version: the Brussels Motorshow, Cocoon and now Batibouw. This means a significant loss of profit for a lot of exhibitors. What if we told you there are other ways to prospect and reach your sales goals? Let Bisnode help you adapt your prospection methods.


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Clean your database

What if the most effective prospecting starts with reaching your own customers? There is certainly a lot of untapped potential within them. But you have to be sure you can still reach them. 40% of Belgian companies have wrong or incomplete data about their own customers. With the cancellation of all fairs, there may be a golden opportunity to migrate some of your regular marketing budget to cleaning up your database and making your customers a new prospecting playground. At Bisnode, we can help you, starting with a free audit of your database.

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Identify new prospects

With the cancellation of fairs, a whole part of the usual sales methods is suddenly disappearing for many businesses. But that doesn't mean that interest in your products and services is gone. On the contrary. You just have to find other methods to attract new prospects. A first step is to know how to identify these potential customers correctly. In this too, Bisnode can help you.

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Bisnode Market Miner

Profile your own clients based on various criteria and quickly identify potential leads.
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Contact them efficiently

Once you know when and who you want to contact, the most difficult part arises. How to reach your prospects properly? With the cancellation of fairs, you have to find other places to meet and dialogue with your potential customers. This is a great opportunity to migrate a significant part of your traditional marketing budget to digital channels: email, Facebook, LinkedIn. We can help you, not only in defining the audience, but in optimizing your campaign so that your investment is worth every penny.

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