Proven ROI for Thomas Cook thanks to Bisnode’s Single Customer View

Smart data

Some major data management issues prevented Thomas Cook from setting up a real one-to-one communication and improve customer loyalty. Thanks to Bisnode’s structural solution, they have been able to quadruple the effectiveness of their communication and reduce costs by nearly 40 € per sent mailing.

Major data management issues while setting up a one-to-one communication strategy

Thomas Cook has been awarded several times for its efforts

Thomas Cook has been awarded several times for its efforts

As a result of its efforts, Thomas Cook has been awarded by organizations inside and outside its industry: 4 Cuckoo awards from 2013 to 2016, the DQA Data Quality Award of 2014 and the Innovation Award from Travel Magazine. 

Thomas Cook wanted to set up a real one-to-one communication strategy towards their customers to increase loyalty.

Along the way they experienced some major data management issues:

  • 11 % of postal returns  
  • Duplicates individual/Household: some customers received their DM up to 6 times!
  • Missing data for personalization because online and offline sources were not linked


Bisnode single customer view

Bisnode helps Thomas Cook create a single customer view, detecting individual and household duplicates and adding a unique identifier to each customer. This also allows them to link information from several online and offline sources to the right customers.


Movers detection and correction of wrong addresses

Bisnode checks the presence of movers within the Thomas Cook database 3 times a year, allowing them to exclude these people from the mailing, or to write to them at their new address.
Thomas Cook also uses a Road 65 software to standardize their addresses before the mailing is sent, making sure they are not returned to sender because of missing or misspelled address information.


Optimizing ROI on Communication

Thomas Cook saved over 70.000 € costs per year thanks to the decrease of postal returns from 11% to 0,7%. Moreover, the number of duplicates was drastically reduced, causing the redemption per mailing to rise from 1,23% to 4,31% and a gain of 38,45 € per sent mailing.