Spa Duo: hyper targeting & omni-channel approach results in successful launch campaign


The best way to promote a new product is to have customers talk about it. And what better to start the conversation than to have them taste the product?


  • Leader in natural mineral water market in Benelux
  • 5 Brands : Spa, Bru, Watwiller, Carola and Brecon Carreg
  • Turnover : € 231.1 million
  • 747 employees
  • Ranked #4 amongst Belgian companies with the best reputation

With the market introduction of Spa Duo, a new range of non-sparkling natural lemonades by Spadel, the objective was clear: reach consumers and shoppers online with a high propensity to buy the Spa innovation and get them to redeem an e-coupon, thus savoring the new drink for the first time.

Bisnode proposed a Permesso Turbo campaign. An obvious choice, as it would:

  • Find the best prospects on two channels, combining the depth of the Permesso email community with the reach offered by Facebook
  • Host the e-coupon platform and the printing process
  • Engage Bisnode on a minimum click quantity to expect for the campaign: zero risk for the client!

When the campaign was launched, Bisnode engaged to around 6500 clicks to the e-coupon platform for an agreed budget.

First, a Permesso email was launched, finely targeted, using a unique combination of some of the thousands selection criteria of our B2C referential. One week after the launch of the email campaign, Bisnode looked at the results. Who opened the mail? Who clicked to the coupon page? Who decided to print the coupon?

The group of most engaged consumers serves as input to create a Facebook Custom Audience. We asked Facebook to find their ‘twins/look-a-likes’ and served them the same campaign over a two week timespan.

The results of the campaign exceeded our expectations by far: not only did we reach our promise of 6.500 clicks (we delivered 7.500 in the end, of 15% above target). The campaign also resulted in more than 6800 consumers printing their coupon.

The secret of this success, of course, is relevance: the targeted people were so interested in the product that they not only printed the coupon, but they also liked, commented and shared the offer with their Facebook friends, providing a strong organic reach!

Another successfully supported new product launch, another happy customer!