Generating a single analytical view for a famous online bank

Smart data

Bisnode created an Analytical Single View that provides a 360° view on the customers of the bank. All available sources of information have been gathered and aggregated at an individual level. 

Predictive Modeling

Bisnode also set up a predictive modeling environment on the bank premises. Various models have been created by Bisnode consultants in association with analysts of the bank. The bank uses our predictive models to predict cross-selling, up-selling and churn on flagship products.


Direct Marketing

The bank uses the predictive models developed with us to make selections for their direct marketing campaigns. The mailed prospects are selected on basis of their conversion probability. 



Every month, the analytical single view is automatically updated on a server of the bank, all the models scores are refreshed and a quality report is generated to control the input data quality and the potential obsolescence of the models. Subsequently, the models probabilities are automatically exported to the campaign selection environment.