Bisnode boosted the local awareness of an Automotive company


Bisnode has been contacted by a major automotive company asking our help to boost the notoriety of some of their resellers. Discover how we were able to dramatically increase awareness in very specific areas by only selecting audience that matters.

Preparing the right audience

Together with the client we determined the targeting criteria and prepared the audience. Base on our reference database and a broad range of selection criteria, we can be very precise when selecting the audience that matters.


Key take outs

Key take outs
  • 5 times more efficient than a regular Facebook campaign
  • 22% of email openers are more likely to purchase your product if also reached by Facebook

Choosing the right channels

Bisnode and the client chose a true cross-channel solution, combining e-mail and Facebook. At Bisnode, we have an e-mail marketing platform based on permission marketing called Permesso, where we gain the trust of 500.000 customers. We use this platform for hyper targeting and Facebook for maximizing the reach (6,3 M prospects in Belgium).

First, Bisnode sent a classic email campaign only to the Permesso target group agreed with the client. Then, Bisnode selected the best respondents amongst the email receivers and those were uploaded in Facebook. On the 6,3 million Belgian on Facebook, we kept the 10% most similar to our good email reactions. From this 10%, we selected only 10% that were living in our catchment area.



During eleven days Bisnode showed the ad on Facebook and out of those that were selected, 75% have seen the ad. Bisnode generated an awesome click rate of 5,28%. During those 11 days, every 6 minutes a local prospect had a look at the list of cars for sale!

Thanks to combining both channels, Bisnode helped the car manufacturer to be 5 times more efficient than a regular Facebook campaign.