10 organizations launch a national "Cheer for champions" action for the benefit of all those active in the healthcare sector

27 Mar 2020

This Wednesday, March 25, 10 organizations, including Bisnode, joined their forces to launch the "Cheer for champions" action. A team of around 100 professionals has worked in recent days to develop an online campaign and platform to raise funds. Health care providers are of course suffering from the enormous workload caused by the coronavirus crisis, but they also face serious financial consequences. Through this action, the organizations behind this initiative wish to provide additional support to all health personnel, including after the crisis. We want to do everything in our power to ensure that the healthcare sector is better equipped to manage these extremely serious crises in the future more effectively.


Significant costs for the healthcare sector

People active in the healthcare sector are at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus. Solidarity actions were organized massively, and our heroes are acclaimed every day. But the sector is also suffering heavy financial consequences because of this crisis. Healthcare facilities need to make significant investments: additional infrastructure such as emergency containers, tents and beds. They are also forced to order additional medical equipment. As costs go up, their revenues go down because of the many canceled consultations. Fortunately, the government has released one billion euros for the hospital sector and has taken the necessary structural measures. "Cheer for champions" also wants to support our healthcare staff and the system so that they can continue to provide the best care.


Our heroes must be operational, even after the crisis

When we are out of this coronavirus crisis, we expect everyone in the healthcare industry to be up and running for us, as if nothing had happened. The purpose of this fundraising action is to ensure that all health facilities, currently active in the fight against the coronavirus, have the necessary resources to support their staff. Think of the psychological support, the prevention of burnout, at the time of thanks for the people who work hard at the moment.

Donate now


Act today for the care of tomorrow
In addition to supporting people working in the healthcare sector, "Cheer for champions" aims to support the healthcare sector so that it can manage these large-scale crises more effectively. "In these times of crisis, solidarity is directly proportional to the gravity of the situation", said Soumaya Zaougui, of the communications office Billie Bonkers, one of the organizations behind this initiative. "It’s wonderful to see this and that’s why we are inviting support to those on the front lines of the fight. For their work today, but also for the care of tomorrow. "
The organizations behind the initiative join forces for the action "Cheer for champions"
A hundred professionals work behind their screens to launch this solidarity action from March 25. The communications office Billie Bonkers, the agency specializing in fundraising Direct Social Communications and the philanthropic center of the Pelicano Foundation have joined forces alongside the digital strategy consulting agency Cabinet C, the Koalect platform, Ring Ring Company, Twikey, Bisnode, IPG Mediabrands and Sherpa Law to give the opportunity to donate now. The organizations behind the initiative are launching a donation platform with professional and transparent monitoring. A communication campaign is planned to encourage donations. All of the money raised will go directly to the fund and the parties involved work on this project on a completely voluntary basis.
The role of Bisnode
In front of such a beautiful initiative, Bisnode could only respond present. To this end, we have made our company database available so that "Cheer for Champions" can operate its call for collaboration with targeted contact persons in the most efficient way possible. We also used our Permesso platform, made up of over 500,000 members, to help spread the word. To this end, an email campaign was sent free of charge to the entire database. Likewise, a banner will remain on the permesso.be home page for as long as necessary. Curious to see how Bisnode can help you make this kind of campaign possible ? Contact us
How to make a donation ?
It is possible to donate online via the cheerforchampions.be website or to make a donation of 5 euros by sms. To do this, send CHEER 5 by sms to 8686. The money will be collected via a fund managed by the Pelicano Foundation, recognized by royal decree as a philanthropic center. The Foundation also provides tax certificates for donations from 40 euros. The use of the funds will be decided by a committee of wise men, composed of independent experts, in consultation with Margot Cloet, managing director of the Zorgnet-Icuro association. The funds collected will be intended for healthcare establishments which are suffering the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. All of the resources collected will be directly and entirely donated to the fund. All parties work on a voluntary basis.