Your digital campaigns can now reach the right audience thanks to consent-based geolocalisation and a wide variety of selection criteria

15 May 2018

There is good news for advertisers and agencies who want to refine the target group selection of their digital campaigns. Now there is a cooperation between Bisnode and Proxistore, which has a sophisticated geolocalised bannering solution. 

With Proxistore, Bisnode Belgium expands its omni-channel offering 

Proxistore offers digital solutions for ad targeting and geomarketing. The partnership with Bisnode allows advertisers to increase the ROI of their campaigns thanks to even smarter targeting. This is now possible by enriching the smart geolocalisation data of Proxistore with the qualified and segmented data from Bisnode. 

Bisnode Belgium lets you choose among a broad range of targeting criteria. For example, advertisers can refine their selections with geolocation data (at neighbourhood level) and parameters such as purchase intentions (house, car ...) or declared life events (renovation, holidays, ...). You may of course opt for more classic parameters, such as social class, urbanisation or pet ownership. 

Two examples of smart audience selections 

Possibility of multi-channelling. Suppose you were sending a promotional mail that was opened by only 15% of your target group, after which only 10% clicked through. Bisnode can analyse the profile of these clickers, then find similar profile in the whole Belgium. The neighbourhoods where these kinds of reactive consumers are particularly concentrated can be retargeted via the Proxistore geolocalised display tool. 

Shopper targeting. Suppose you have a store chain and look through a survey which type of customers from which neighbourhoods visit your stores. You notice that your shops in the border region are intensively visited by both shoppers from West-Flanders and Hainaut. You observe that one particular neighbourhood is lagging behind. Then you can select that neighbourhood separately with a special offer from your nearest store.

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