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Bisnode Belgium

Bisnode Belgium, part of Bisnode Group

Independent companies in 19 countries

Bisnode’s organization with operations in 19 European countries requires a clear and well-implemented corporate governance system, which serves as an important platform for the group. Responsibility for corporate governance, management and control is allocated among the shareholders, board of directors, CEO, management team and the managing directors of the operational companies. 

Belgian Leadership Team

Bisnode is 70 percent owned by the listed investment company Ratos. The business concept is to generate the highest possible return through the professional, active and responsible exercise of its ownership role in a number of selected companies. Added value is created in connection with the acquisition, development and sale of businesses.

The remaining 30 percent is owned by Bonnier, a family-owned media group based in Sweden. The group includes about 180 companies in 14 countries.



Ownership Number of shares Capital in % Votes in %
Ratos 84,412,286 70.0 70.0
Bonnier 36,176,692 30.0 30.0
Total 120,588,978 100.0 100.0