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Bisnode is Europe's largest provider of smart data and analysis
Our values

Our values

Collaboration and trust permeate everything we do

At Bisnode, we are curious about what is happening in our world and how we can find solutions that contribute to social development. Cooperation and trust permeate everything we do. Together with our customers, we take daily steps forward, both large and small. To do this, we must have the trust of our customers. At Bisnode, we think it is especially important to listen to our customers and their needs, which is why our primary focus is always on our customers' challenges.  

Our values



We operate both locally and globally

Today, Bisnode operates in Belgium and is one of Europe's leading providers of business intelligence. About 2,400 employees work in our organization, individuals who enrich us with their expertise, culture and humor, with their interests, skills and nationalities. That we are available locally is a great asset to our clients. It means that we can react quickly and be flexible as we take on their challenges. At the same time, we are able to take advantage of the muscles and resources of the larger company when needed.

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Financial information

Financial information

Bisnode Group in numbers

Bisnode is owned by 70 percent of Ratos and 30 percent of Bonnier. In 2006, the Group changed its name to Bisnode and in 2012 a major change was commenced with the aim of merging all companies in Europe and launching Bisnode under a common brand.

Here you will find Bisnode's financial statements quarterly and yearly from 2009 onwards

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In this section you will find the latest news, reports and press releases about Bisnode, our business and organization.

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Shape your future with Bisnode

Bisnode is building a data and analysis company covering the whole of Europe, creating growth through smart data. We combine and process large amounts of information to enable our customers to make data-driven decisions. As an employee, you have the opportunity to shape your own and others' future — a future built on smart data.

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We run a responsible business

Sustainability work

We run a responsible business

Bisnode is a part of the economy and society in the markets where we operate. We are aware that the decisions we make in our day-to-day business influence society, people and the environment, and this awareness permeates our decisions throughout the organization. For us, a sustainable development of society is important, as is handing over responsibly to future generations. Much of what governs our work is in "The Bisnode Way," a summary of our values, our areas of expertise, our commitment and our promise. If you'd like to know more about Bisnode, our corporate culture and what is important to us, please have a look through the following 10 points.

Our sustainability work