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Tools through which a manual update of your data is unnecessary

Customer loyalty, keeping a 360 ° view on your contacts, restricting financial loss due to inaccurate billing…. These are all honorable marketing objectives, however, you can only reach them if your database contains reliable and accurate information about your contacts that is as complete as possible.

But how do you do this? Modifying each contact manually is one way. Updating your database is much easier, faster and more efficient with the help of our webservices: online tools you can easily integrate into your own database management system.

Whitepaper Data Quality
Becoming a love brand…

Love brands have it all: a level of customer loyalty everybody aims for, the revenue, the market share and marketing budget to match it. Achieving and holding this position is universally desired by many marketers. To reach it however is not that easy. But not impossible. Download here

The following tools are available:

Bisnode | Business ConnectorA highly effective consultation tool making it possible to look up & enrich a company’s data with all its known information, using the most accurate and complete reference data on Belgian companies..

Bisnode | Qualify B2BAn identification tool, integrated into your own systems, which makes it possible to correctly identify a company based on its name, address and CBE number.

Bisnode | Qualify B2CAn effective consultation tool that allows you to identify individuals on the basis of three elements: full name, address and date of birth.

Bisnode | Road 65Road65 is a software that enables you to systematically check the quality of your addresses so you only enter addresses into your systems that have been restructured and standardised beforehand.

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