PointCarré testimonial: Real Data Driven Marketing thanks to Visual Intelligence Tool

As a retailer, it is of utmost importance to keep close track of each store’s performance. Moreover, communication needs to be segmented and in line with a customer’s specific buying habits and purchase potential if your want it to be cost-effective.

PointCarré, a fashion retailer with 28 stores in Belgium and France, came to Bisnode with 2 types of challenges:

1. Monitor each store’s performance in the blink of an eye. PointCarré wanted the performance of each store visualized, in order to determine their individual focus areas.  This would help them determine whether to focus more on recruitment, loyalty or reactivation of customers.

2. Set up a segmented communication approach and optimise ROI. In order to undertake action on the defined focus areas, PointCarré needed to segment its database and make sure to send the right message to the right customers. They wanted to put in place a segmented communication approach based on customer purchase behavior, point of sales, moment, …

In order to help PointCarré obtain each of these objectives, Bisnode started out by analyzing the retailer’s history and its customers in total and per point of sales. This lead to a segmentation of each customer according to the recency of his purchases, the frequency and the amount spent,  allowing PointCarré to determine where to take action.


In a second step, Bisnode set up a visual intelligence tool showing how PointCarré’s KPI’s evolve, and allowing them to take action quickly when they see deviating results. Next to the general performance, the tool also gives insight into the profile of each segment per store, allowing them to adapt their communication.

“PointCarré is able to  its data in a profitable way using Bisnode segmentation and its very reliable data quality layer making a first step in real data driven marketing.” says Jérôme Bette (Marketing at PointCarré).

Indeed, the apllications and advantages of the visual intelligence tool are endless. But to state a few:

1. ROI of tens of thousands of € on net margin for the birthday mailings. PointCarré recently reintroduced its birthday mailings. Thanks to the segmentation, they were able to decide which customers were worth sending a paper mailing to and which only an e-mail. This lead to a very positive ROI of tens of thousands of € per year.

2. Invitations to private sales: drastic improvement of ROI. Thanks to the tool, PointCarré was able to identify the top clients to send an invitation to its private sales. This way, they avoided investing in non-profitable customer segments. Moreover thanks Bisnode’s high standard data quality, they were able to avoid postal returns. Both drastically improving the ROI of the campaign.

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