Online Applications

Bisnode has a number of online tools so you can get started online on your own. Are you not registered yet? First of all find out here more about the available online tools. You can test them all for free.

The following tools are available:

Bisnode | Business ConnectorA highly effective consultation tool making it possible to look up & enrich a company’s data with all the known information, using the most accurate and complete reference data on Belgian companies.

Bisnode | Business SelectorA user-friendly online platform that enables you to put together the target group of your direct marketing campaigns yourself and acquire knowledge of the market.                                                                                                        

Bisnode | Fast Audit OnlineThe easiest tool in the market to make a quick analysis of the quality of your B2B customer data. Check out Fast Audit Online to know how many companies in your database have an uncertain legal status, have moved, have changed name, …

Bisnode | Profile Insight OnlineAn online tool you can use to analyze consumers in your file and compare them with a referencial data (e.g. the complete Belgian population). To do so, you can choose relevant criteria out of Bisnode’s sociodemographic and lifestyle data.

Bisnode | Qualify B2BAn identification tool, integrated into your own systems, which makes it possible to correctly identify a company based on its name, address and CBE number.

Bisnode | Qualify B2CAn effective consultation tool that allows you to identify individuals on the basis of three elements: full name, address and date of birth.

Bisnode | Road 65Road65 is a software that enables you to systematically check the quality of your addresses so you only enter addresses into your systems that have been restructured and standardised beforehand.

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