Multichannel Connect

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Companies collect lots of information on customers and prospects across different channels.
This information is often stored in various databases that are more or less detailed. The available data you collect via the sale of products or services contain often much more details than the data on the people who signed up for your newsletter.
Because these data are often not linked to each other, you lose a lot of valuable information and insights about your customers and prospects.

With Multichannel Connect you get a 360° degree view on your customers and prospects by identifying them over different channels and by connecting all the information you have about them.


  • Better customer segmentation
  • More relevant multichannel communication
  • Detecting cross and upsell opportunities
  • Get more value from your data

Target Audience
Any company that collects data on customers and prospects and any company that interacts with its target audience via multiple channels will benefit from this solution.

This solution is very valuable for sectors such as retail, e-commerce, telecom, banking & insurance, media, fundraising, …

Depending on your specific needs and budget, you can choose from different packages.

More information?
Your account manager will be happy to provide more information, advice or a customized offer.





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