Bisnode Business Connector gets a new look and feature ‘Sherlock’!

Bisnode Business Connector is an online service developed by Bisnode that gives you immediate access to the most up-to-date business data such as contact information, financial figures, relationships and contact persons of your customers and prospects.

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“Bisnode Business Connector now integrates Sherlock, a visualization tool that show all the relations of a company” 



Bisnode Business Connector now integrates Sherlock, a visualization tool that shows all the relations of a company or a professional entity: shareholder structure, absorption, sessions, establishments, managers and directors. Sherlock even makes it possible to detect companies that are established at the same address or have administrators in common.


Sherlock is a powerful tool, no matter your role:
Marketing: Optimize your Master Contact Management & create a single customer view of your prospects and clients
Sales: Detect commercial opportunities within your new or existing contacts
Finance: Consult our « health indicator » (index of financial health of companies) and get the global picture of a company’s structure that helps you having a view on potential financial risks and opportunities


Bisnode Business Connector can be used via an online interface ( or via an API that perfectly integrates with your CRM / ERP for automated transfer of following information :


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